We’re All In This Together

Old Crow Medicine Show: We’re All In This Together

Inspiration. That is what has brought me to this most unlikely place.

I have the great, good fortune to be married to a wonderful man that laughs with me more than he laughs at me- I think…mostly. In this case it brought me here to share the adventures and misadventures of cooking, canning, cheese making, curing, smoking and growing all manner of local yumminess set to the tunes of old time music, bluegrass and newgrass. Our little piece of  hillside heaven is overrun with stringed instruments, curing salt, great friends, canning jars, a blender that goes 240 mph and two wild and crazy cats that allow us to live with them. It just doesn’t get much better than that!

So come along for the ride! It’s all about getting closer to the land, being respectful of the ingredients, perpetuating traditions that are getting lost, and having a blast. Last weekend’s fun and games resulted in two loaves of ciabatta, angel food cake, mayonnaise (to use up some of those extra yolks), lemon curd (to use up some more of those extra yolks) and dried fruit chutney. I think there might have been a meal or two in there, too.

This weekend has been a little less food-productive but more share-the-wealth-productive as I sit in front of a fire and build this blog while being closely supervised by a cat. I did manage to take advantage of a bounty of homegrown citrus brought up from South Louisiana and made Honey Lemon Jelly and Spiced Orange Jelly. The Spiced Orange Jelly wasn’t as “spiced” as I would have liked so version 2.0 is in the works.

The future promises great fun. Tigress has promised another Can Jam and Charcutepalooza is under way. Right now it’s time to make some pasta sheets to roll up homemade ricotta, greens from the garden and local grass-fed beef. Covered in tomato sauce made from our homegrown tomatoes and I think I’ll call that dinner tonight and leftovers for one night after work. Yeah!

One thought on “We’re All In This Together

  1. What a surprise! We will keep looking and commenting (and maybe contributing). You are off to a great start. Love D&J

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