Forever Young

On May 2, 1993 a thought popped into my head, ” Holy cow my brother’s OLD!” Never mind what that made me; my little brother was 30! Don’t know why his 30th birthday was such a shocker and mine wasn’t but for some reason it was. Twenty birthdays later (I’m sure we can all do the math) he’s halfway around the world celebrating in sunny Spain and I’m not shocked by the number of birthdays any more; just glad that he’s around to celebrate another one.

Happy Birthday, Geoff, and here is my wish for you today and every day: Forever Young

When we were kids and still fighting like cats and dogs, a close family friend gave me a lecture about how I should love my brother and not fight with him (insert teenage eye roll here) and went on to say that I might not believe it then but there would come a time when I actually liked him. Yeah, yeah, whatever…well, of course, she was right. We’re probably about as different as siblings get and live several hundred miles apart but he’s never far from my thoughts. I’m more of an in-the-background player and he is more of a jump-in-with-both-feet and DO THIS kind of person. He has all of the drive and dedication that I never had (or wanted) to really make a difference in people’s lives. He became the doctor that everyone thought I would become (me included) and the world’s a much better place because of that. It takes a certain kind of person to do what he does, do it as well as he does and with the compassion and enthusiasm that he does and I ain’t that person. Everything happens for a reason!

So, as different as we are about some things, one of the ways we are similar is our diets and it’s one of the things I’m most grateful to him for. After a panicked call from Mom saying “You’re not going to believe what your brother is doing! You have to do something!” What he was doing was following a paleo diet. Yep, we believed all of the usual fallacies about primal/paleo eating: carbs are essential nutrients, you’ll go into ketosis and die, all of that saturated fat will kill you, everything in moderation, blah, blah, blah.

With all of cyberspace at my fingertips I figured the first thing I needed to do to be able to talk some sense into him was to arm myself with the “facts”. I read and studied until I thought my brain would explode. I started with YouTube lectures by Robert Lustig then moved on to Peter Attia. So much information and none of it mainstream! So much for conventional wisdom, conventional medicine and a conventional SAD diet. It was time to relearn everything I thought I knew about food, food science and what really is good for you (or not). I stumbled across Mark Sisson and he breaks it all down in short, well explained posts so I could more easily learn the truth about sugar, wheat, fat and a host of other topics on which I had been horribly misinformed! After a couple of weeks of reading, following links, checking references, doing more reading and checking more references, I had to call Mom and tell her he was on the right path and we needed to be there, too. Now!

Here we are almost a year and a half later and continuing the primal journey. Again, many thanks to the birthday boy for that! Now it’s payback time and your birthday present is…drumroll please…unsolicited advice! How cool is that? As smart as you were to recognize the benefits of eating this way, there’s a few corners that you shouldn’t be cutting because I want you around for the next milestone birthday so here’s my 2¢ worth:

Eat real food. Do you recognize every ingredient and would Mama & Daddy Brock recognize them as food? Make your own salad dressings and mayo. And…

Eat good meat: pastured pork, grass fed/grass finished beef, pastured chickens and eggs.

See? That wasn’t so bad was it? It’s just because I love you! Have a happy, fun, fabulous, amazing birthday!




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