DSCN2547Hi there and thanks for checking things out! I was born and raised in New Orleans but have lived in Tennessee for the last several years with my husband and two cats. I am a bass playin’, cookin’, cannin’, meat curin’, gardenin’, cheese makin’ paleo girl that is continuously amazed by the beauty that surrounds me. On the flip side, though, I am also continuously amazed at the monumental self-serving stupidity of the vast majority of the policy-makers that try to run our lives.

This is my attempt to sort though the crap we’re fed, literally and figuratively, and try to make some sense of it all as it applies to me and mine. Hopefully this blog will evolve as I evolve and maybe I can share a take-home message or two in the process as well as some tasty recipes and gardening (mis)adventures.

So remember, observe, observe, observe! Draw your own conclusions. Don’t let the policy-makers pull the wool over your eyes. Vote with your dollar. Eat real food. Share the love.

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