Blue Dot Farm

Well, this is definitely a case of “better late than never” on a couple of different levels! I had a lot of goals this year and I’m happy to say that I’ve made progress on all of them except one: getting back into the habit of regular blog posts so, hopefully, this post will break the ice and I’ll get back in the groove. One of the things that kept me from getting started was not being able to figure out where to start. The garden and the fact that we FINALLY got started applying Biodynamic preps? My adventures in wild fermentation? What we did with the CRAZY amount of tomatoes and peppers we grew? Our amazing year of great music? My first Whole 30? Nope, I’ll have to get to all of that later. The words came to me in the middle of the night: “Pale Blue Dot” and that’s the other “better late than never” incident because, for once, insomnia was a good thing. I don’t know how I’ve missed this for the last 24 years but for the very first time, I heard Carl Sagan’s words and saw some of the pictures that he asked NASA to take in 1990 from 3.7 billion miles away as Voyager I was leaving our solar system. As I dozed off, the words “Pale Blue Dot” just kept running through my head over and over again. There was a reason for that.

It’s really all about perspective. And hyperbole. The standing joke around our house is that we live on a mountain, have a farm at the bottom of it and built a barn to house our awesome tractor, Abby. Well, when you’re from New Orleans, anything bigger than Monkey Hill at Audubon Zoo is a mountain and when you’re shoveling 12 yards of compost, hoeing and weeding, the garden feels as big as a farm and we only slightly overbuilt Abby’s home. Doesn’t everyone use 6×6’s and inch-thick white oak to build a shed? See what I mean? Perspective!

At home at the top of the "mountain"

At home at the top of the “mountain”

The "farm" at the bottom of the "mountain"

The “farm” at the bottom of the “mountain”

Sagan’s words really resonated with me. He summed up much of what I try to do to “deal more kindly and compassionately with one another and to preserve and cherish that pale blue dot”. I’m a firm believer in the ripple effect: the fact that it starts with me and I can only do what I can do but every little bit helps – both for myself and the planet. So I reduce, reuse, recycle and compost, eat real food grown by real people that are trying to make a difference – including me. We’ve insulated our attic, put in high efficiency windows and low flow, dual flush toilets. We’re capturing rainwater to water the garden, preserving what we grow and making our own cleaning products. We study Rudolph Steiner and think often about our place in the cosmos and how we can become a better part of it. One of the things we’re most proud off is our farm…er, garden and its place in the cosmos. In spite of our many mistakes, it gets bigger and better every year.

But there’s one thing…farms have names. It seemed kinda grandiose to name ours but we gave it a try. Nothing fit and it’s not like we’re trying to market ourselves or anything like that but…farms have names. So as I was lying there half awake, I realized our farm had always had a name; we just didn’t know it until now.

We are Blue Dot Farm!